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I get it. It's halfway through the year and you are still struggling to learn how you can sign clients in your side hustle. With our personalized strategy session, you will learn actual strategies you can use to sign clients in your side hustle.
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So, What's Included?

  • 2 Hour Private Live Coaching Session where you can ask me any questions about your business. We will also develop a launch strategy that will help you develop a plan to launch your services. 
  • My 7 Part Video Series on how to close clients (secret, it's never been launched to the public before!) 
  • 28 Page Workbook chock-full of social media strategies, my proven sales scripts and more 
  • A replay of your coaching call for you to go back and reference 

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Hey There, I'm Dielle

Business Coach, Side Huster, Host of the Side Hustle with Soul Podcast

I help side hustler sign clients without a whole bunch of time or stress. I was able to make more money in my coaching business then in my day job just after 3 months of starting out.

 I am so excited to launch these strategy sessions because I know what it's like to just need a little push in the right direction.

 I teach all things sales, marketing, time management, side hustling, signing clients, and podcasting. 

These calls are only offered in the summer and will be the most affordable way to work with me. I can't wait chat strategy with you!

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